Santa is a real go-getter, I’ll give him that

Get a load of University of Maryland astrophysicist Linda Harden’s well-founded theorysanta on why Santa is once again unlikely to survive this Christmas Eve due to tremendous centrifugal forces, though with there being 300,000 species of organisms in the wo
rld yet to be classified, flying reindeers remain a possibility seeing as only Santa and those close to him can verify their existence.

Harden supposes that, assuming each child in the world gets nothing more than a medium-sized Lego set, Santa’s has presumably spent all year outfitting his sleigh to carry more than 353,000 tons of presents at an average speed of almost 1,050,000 km/s in order to get the job done in time.

2 thoughts on “Santa is a real go-getter, I’ll give him that

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