Hope the sinkhole didn’t sink your Canada Day

If your Canada Day tradition is to spend your day out in the sun, and surfing the waves of red amongst thousands of other proud Canadians, with a giant sinkhole in your path so close to completion you may have planned ahead if you wanted to dance through the streets this year.

Courtesy: City of Ottawa | Surrounding areas began to return to normal following the June 8 road collapse on Rideau Street. City workers worked non-stop and pedestrian access was slowly restored to normal in preparation for Canada Day celebrations and the city expected high volume foot traffic.

Thanks to a giant sinkhole that’s taken over a large portion of Rideau Street, your Canada day tradition was almost be re-routed.

Construction crews were hard at work to repair the street in time for Canada day, but as you wind your way downtown, there was a chance you may have still found construction and road closures everywhere you look. Luckily, though, the streets were mostly patched up by July 1.

What was being done?

The City was very busy expediting repairs. The hole was soon filled , Enbridge worked to fully restore power, and a precautionary boil water advisory that was in effect for the Rideau Centre food court and surrounding businesses is gradually being lifted. For complete updates on how the city dealt with the situation, see the City of Ottawa’s web page on the infrastructure recovery.

Here’s the thing, though: Not only was Canada Day quickly approaching on July 1, but a visit from U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will also just around the corner, slated for June 29 in Ottawa for the “Three Amigos’ Summit.”

As the area closed off to traffic for the summit was much larger than the construction site, city crews likely had more control of the area and be able to clean up in time for Canada Day celebrations.

Best think of it as Ottawa’s best Canada Day birthday gift yet–a newly paved Rideau Street.

Many area businesses reopened for your Canada Day pleasure

Construction or not, 75 percent of affected businesses along Rideau Street were soon reopened within a week of Canada Day. These included the Chateau Laurier, the Westin, Milestones, the Metropolitan the Rideau Centre herself, and The Bay and Chapters. If they’re closed, it’s not because of the construciton– it’s the party!

But hey, not to worry! Ottawa was a little wounded from this mishap leading up to its mother land’s birthday, but our great little city’s wounds are healing, hardly leaving a scar. Construction to the light rail transit system is still underway, after all, making this mishap appear like a minor haemorrhage in a much larger city-wide transit infusion.

Hamish McKillop Photo

Why not head over to the sinkhole’s fan site for some of the Ottawa sinkhole’s coolest paraphernalia! If you were one who did at the time, you undoubtedly sipped coffee while watching repairs continue to unfold from behind the glass on the Rideau Centre’s catwalk.

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